Unlock latent sources of productivity through Selling with Purpose; a sales training and development program for a new generation.

What is The House of Purpose

The House of Purpose is a sales training and development consultancy with a strong focus on people.

Our flagship training program Selling With Purpose, offers a blend of proven selling techniques and in-depth personal development tools.
We create value by helping your sales team become more focused, empowered, committed and fulfilled.

Our approach is more effective than traditional competencies’ training alone, and pays for itself by improving productivity and reducing turnover.

We create value by helping your sales team become more focused, empowered, committed and fulfilled.

Our core belief is that every human being is by nature meaning-seeking and meaning-making. We help your sales team align their personal goals with your companies sales objectives set to reach meaningful targets, improving productivity, satisfaction and retention.

The new generation of Millennials seek higher levels of well-being, demanding a workplace in which they can thrive and live a purposeful life. Our Selling With Purpose tailor-made program is designed with Millennials in mind, promoting work-life integration ensuring your employee’s productivity and satisfaction.

Once our clients hire the best sales people, we help them ensure they stay engaged and productive by helping them become a better version of themselves.

Selling With Purpose

Your work and personal lives are no longer separate, our jobs are more than a place we go to, it’s what we do.

Our clients recognize the need to maintain a consistently effective sales team by focusing in three key areas:

The Selling With Purpose program is created with the increasingly diverse population of employees and stakeholders in mind.

As the number of Millennials joining your sales team keeps growing and technology changes the way we do business, you require a new approach to people development to ensure you are represented by a sales team with strong empathy and drive, and with a strong emotional connection with your values, product portfolio and culture.

We tap into the power of emotional intelligence and use the most recent breakthrough understanding on how the human brain works and adapts (Neuroplasticity); and what makes us thrive (Positive Psychology).

This program adapts to your needs; we begin with a Needs Assessment Stage to adjust and develop the content that fits your needs.
Our method consists on group and individual sessions to maximize learning and allow for continuous support.

We also create a group learning environment followed by individual coaching sessions to monitor reinforce and apply on the job new learnings and skills.



These are some of the companies we are proud to have worked with:

Executive Sales Coaching

The coaching piece makes the process dynamic by bringing the newest ideas and proven methods in goal setting and goal reaching, which are revolutionizing the way business people develop and grow:

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